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Kylie is the Managing Director and Head Trainer of ITAAS. She has been working in the healthcare sector since 1988 and has extensive industry experience both practically and theoretically.

Kylie holds qualifications in Training and Assessment, Nursing, language, Literacy, Numeracy, Student Welfare, Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Pathology, Counselling, Community Services and Case Management, to name a few

Kylie is a Justice of the Peace and also volunteers her time at Life Line as a crisis counsellor in her spare time.

Kylie is also a busy Mum with three beautiful children and has a passion for education, Community Service, health and producing students that are competent and passionate about helping others also.

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  • Keeps a record of first aid courses making it easy to locate what courses you have done Sends certificate renewal reminders – simply let the app keep track of when you are due to do your next course
  • Provides contact details of your first aid trainer making it easy to book your next first aid course
  • Stores copies or images of certificates
  • Stores your USI (Unique Student Identifier) making it easy to find at anytime
  • Contains a quick first aid emergency reference guide – an easy reference to find what to do in an emergency
  • Contains GPS locator to notify Police/Fire/Ambulance of your location in an emergency (you must allow the app to access your location)
  • Provides useful links to medical websites and other sites of interest

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